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High Shoot Radiators

The rapid demand of radiator and fuel tank servicing prompted the opening of Highshoot Radiators. It is domiciled in the CBD of the second largest City of Zimbabwe, Bulawayo and offers, consultancy, quality control. We provide a complete supply chain management solution from transportation and documentation, sales and distribution of radiators.



The company was founded and registered in 2013 by Milton Ngwenya, Sehlile Ngwenya and Sakhile Ngwenya as the Directors, Dlomo the Secretary. Milton Ngwenya who worked for Radiator and Tinning for 36 years as a metal upgrading manager from (1974 - 2010) when it shut down who at his 21st year in Radiator and Tinning received a merit award as a token of appreciation for being a loyal and devoted worker. He drew a business plan following the slow downfall of Radiator and Tinning and when it finally shutdown was determined to use the knowledge he had acquired to start his own company. He finally managed to open High Shoot Radiators in 2010 and then it was formally registered in 2013. He employed two of the most skilled former employees from Radiator and Tinning which he trusted.


Our focus is to offer a wide range of well designed, quality-built products vat a fair price, delivered expeditiously.


To provide outstanding radiators and unsurpassed service that together delivers value to our customers.

Core Values

We value integrity, reliability, convenience, quality, commitment and dedication to duty perseverance and professionalism.

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